Diamond jewellery design by Hans D. Krieger

Diamond jewellery design by Hans D. KriegerDiamond jewellery design by Hans D. Krieger

This year, Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery from Idar-Oberstein celebrates a special anniversary: 50 years of gem design and diamond jewellery manufacture. Altogether, the company can look back on almost 300 years of history: goldsmiths, agate and gemstone cutters from the family were mentioned as early as 1720. As from 1935, the traditional company from Idar-Oberstein began to concentrate on diamond cutting.

Jewellery production began in 1964 as a ’sideline’: customers inquired whether or not the Krieger diamond cutters had any ideas for elegant items of jewellery. Hans Dieter Krieger, father of today’s company director Andreas Krieger, had plenty – for classical, opulent and extravagant items. For new shapes, and new combinations of diamonds with the finest coloured gemstones. But all these items had two things in common: the high quality of the material and the very finest craftsmanship. Diamond jewellery rapidly became the company’s core business: today, Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery sells its products all over the world.

“I think we’re one of very few manufacturers of diamond jewellery who can design and manufacture all their items from beginning to end on their own premises”, says Andreas Krieger. Highly qualified diamond and coloured gemstone cutters, designers and goldsmiths, gem setters, casters, engravers and polishers work together here on individual one-offs and small batches. “The mutual exchange of ideas is an everyday thing for us. That way, new ideas are generated each day, and we can implement them right away and work together to turn them into the perfect item of jewellery”, says Krieger.

Time and again, people are astounded by the colours of these gems and jewellery items: Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery processes much more than just the classical white stones. Here, diamonds sparkle in unobtrusive, warm golden tones, as do rare fancy diamonds in yellow or brown, or any other colour imaginable. “We’re proud to have introduced natural-coloured diamonds to the market and given these wonderful stones the reputation they deserve,” Andreas Krieger says.

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