The Best Wedding Ring Type Based on Women Personality


You may realize or not but there are several women wedding ring type that was based of women personality. Rings for wedding is giving great significance and should be well-thought-election. In addition to the budget, there are many factors to be considered in choosing a wedding ring. One of them choose an appropriate ring model based on your personality. Maybe other people do not pay much attention, but the wedding ring would be more meaningful if it can reflect your personal.

That why in this fashion field, there are best wedding ring type that based on women personality. As the bride, you can choose one of them that reflect on your personality. So here are some wedding ring based on women personality.

  1. Solitaire Wedding Ring. Solitaire ring studded with a central gemstone, probbaly the most common type of women wedding ring.This type is suitable for women who desire traditional classical impression that never goes out, and is the perfect choice for almost any woman’s personality.
  2. Three-eyed Ring. Three-eyed ring is ideal for women who desire ring with a deep and personal meaning. This type of ring fits to the spiritual, sentimental, restful, romantic, humble, mature and mysterious personality.
  3. Ring with Drift Stone. Eye ring is not in the band, but on the two sides of the ring that was pressed. This gemstone ring looks like floating in the air. This ring fits to the urban, ambitious, outgoing, brave, likes change, spirited leader, expressive and spirited entrepreneurs personality types.
  4. Ring with Colored Gemstone. The ring is suitable for art and artistic-minded woman. If you are an artist, musician, creative thinker, creative, artistic, sentimental, expressive, ambitious or expertly strumming a guitar, this kind of ring is the right choice for you.
  5. Vintage or Antique Ring.Vintage and antique intended for women with high ideals who believed in a better future. The ring is as well suitable for art lovers, romantic woman, original and warm personality.

Believed or not, the wedding ring may always related to your personality. Those kind of female wedding ring based on women personality will be best choice for each of you

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