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Why do you need jewelry insurance?
Your jewelry is more than just a material item. It has precious memories and is a symbol of your feelings for loved ones. Protecting your jewelry with jewelry insurance helps preserve these memories. If your prized possession is lost, damaged, stolen or mysteriously disappears it is covered. The last thing you want to think of is how to pay for a new piece of jewelry.

Your favorite pieces of jewelry are more than valued possessions. They’re reflections of who you are. They’re symbols of your feelings for loved ones and of life-long relationships. Protecting them from theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, or loss is as natural and important as protecting anything of great value.
More than a monetary investment

Consider everything that went into the jewelry purchase, whether it was by you or by the person who gave you the piece as a gift. The hours, days, or weeks spent shopping. Working with a jeweler or craftsperson to customize or engrave the piece. Choosing the perfect time and place to present it. We pour our hearts into jewelry protection because we understand what it symbolizes.

Preserving memories

To many, jewelry serves as a physical reminder and connection to life’s most cherished memories. Protecting jewelry with jewelry insurance helps preserve these memories. The anniversary band that recalls the day you were married. The watch your father gave you on your graduation. The diamond tennis bracelet you bought yourself after a promotion, thinking maybe you shouldn’t, but then were glad you did.
Jewelry should be worn, not locked away

Think of your most valued possessions. An engagement ring. An heirloom necklace. A pendant. These aren’t things that should be locked away. They should be worn, enjoyed, and lived in. We offer the very best in jewelry insurance because freedom from worry is a valuable gift in itself. This is why so many of our customers make jewelry insurance part of their jewelry gift.

Why look to the jewelry insurance experts

We’ve seen the tears of joy in a customer’s eyes when a treasured piece of jewelry, presumed lost, is painstakingly recreated and delivered into their hands. Every detail, every facet, every minute engraving, absolutely everything matters. Only jewelry insurance experts, who understand that every piece of jewelry is as unique as its owner, can fulfill this promise. That’s why when you have Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, we’ll replace your lost engagement ring, broken watch or stolen diamond earrings down to the finest detail.

I’ve done alot of looking around and found them to be the best for me.

They can insure my “new” wedding set for $77 a year with NO deductible. That covers everything. Loss/damage/theft/repair/alien abduction

I am a bit confused though. “If” something happens to the stone, breaks/cracks/chips/falls out, do I….

1. Get a cash payout of exactly what is on the appraisial for the stone?
2. Have to find another diamond at my jeweler myself?
3. or does JM find me another diamond?

What happens if I lose the whole set?

Also, does it make any diff that I bought it at a pawn shop and not a retail store? I heard some places make you go back to the store you bought it from for replacements.

What’s the diff between “retail replacement value” and “replacement value”?

I’m having the diamond sent to GIA for grading (it’s already been graded by IGI, but heard they’re not the best). After that comes back I’m heading home to TN and going to a cert independent jewelry appraiser. Her name is Susan Schwartz. She’s a GIA grad and has been in bus for 31yrs. She will do my appraisial for my insurance through JM.

Does anyone have any experience with JM? Have you made a claim? What for/did it work out well?

Any info would be awesome.

I’m worried if something happens to my ring there will be some little clause somewhere that says “oops! you’re screwed because you bought it at a pawnshop!”  Or “Ha! We’re not as good as we looked online!”

Thank you so much! I sure do ask alot of questions here It’s nice to have a HUGE group of knowledgeable women to ask!


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