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1.     The Characteristic of Diamond Rings For The Engagement or Wedding

The diamond rings still becomes the most favorite for the engagement or wedding. The wedding ring is one of the most important artifacts in preparation for marriage. Wedding ring will be the marker of your ties with family, so as much as possible the design of the ring has a particular meaning for you. Many types of stones to decorate a wedding ring. But diamonds are still the main choice wedding ring and engagement. There are four things that must be considered when buying a diamond, namely: cut, clarity, color and carat.

·         Cut is the most important characteristic for this diamond rings. The beauty of the light and glitter of diamonds lies in the cut. The excess of diamond is at the rarity of these stones.

·         Clarity is the clearness of diamonds. The more there is no defect, the more expensive the diamond.

·         Color for the diamond ring. Through its color, which is the most searchable is the plain diamond aka the clear one. The grade which is used to indicate the highest level of clarity of the diamond is D, while Z is which the worst, in other words the Z is the dirtiest diamond.

·         Carats, is indicator the weight and size of the diamond. For the buyer which is looking for a precious stone for the collection or long-term investment will easily  pay dearly for it . However, if you do not think much about it, and just want to use the diamond ring to memorabilia like  wedding or engagement, just enough to calculate the quality and shape for this moment.

Trust me that the diamond is still favorite materials for the engagement or wedding ring. That why you should consider the characteristic above before buying the diamond rings for that special moment.

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