Important Tips How To Treat of Your Diamond Ring


You may every heard that taking care the diamond ring as difficult as the gold one. Yes the diamond ring need to care a lot so its shinny and sparkling looks will be everlasting. As we know that diamond is like any other stones that will be dim easily if you don’t find the proper way to treat it. The diamonds may the strongest, toughest and the most sparkling stone in the world. No wonder this stone then captured many people attention. The diamond was usually cut and was attached especially for the women accessories.

But even your diamond ring is the best, most qualified and the shinny one, if you don’t treat it well, it becomes dull easier. But well like the gold one, treating the diamond ring may not carelessly. Diamond has a properties of pulling fatty material. When it is too long to wear, the diamond will easily coated by soaps, skin moisturizers or oils as well oils from the skin of the body. So what is the best way to treat the diamond ring? Here some tips for you.

  1. The safely way to clean the diamond ring is to soak in warm water mixed with liquid soap. Let for less than 45 minutes so that the dirt will fell off. If there are still remaining dirt, wipe gently with a soft baby brush that dirt fell off. Then, dry with a clean cloth and use a not too hot hair dryer.
  2. Cleaning hard dirt that sticks on the diamond ring could be cleaned with hot steam and ultrasonic spraying. If the dirt still can not be cleaned as well, can be boiled in sulfuric acid to clean it.
  3. Diamonds and other gemstones should be stored carefully. Put each piece of jewelry individually, then wrapped and placed in each bag so those jewelry are not to rub against and scratch each other. Keep in a safe place or put in a safety deposit box for jewelry that is rarely used.

Those are the best way to keep the diamond ring stay shinny and sparkling. Following those tips while treating the diamond ring will make you jewelery looks so sparkling and shinny much longer.

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