Bridal Jewelry Designs by Danhov

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Taking his cue from New York Fashion Week, where floral patterns was one of the main inspirations for many of the designs, Khajag “Jack” Hovsepian, the founder and head designer of bridal jewelry brand, Danhov, introduced a collection that is all floral inspired.

The company, founded in 1984, moved to a consumer brand two years ago and has grown quickly to now have approximately 50 retail outlets. All the jewelry is hand-made or hand constcuted at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters. No moulds are used in the process. His booth at the JCK Luxury tradefair was humming with eager retailers wanting to stock up on his designs.

The Petalo line of platinum and 18k white gold bridal jewelry has intricate carvings of tulips, sunflowers and other flora throughout the engagement and matching wedding bands. No matter which way the rings face, it provides a delicate appearance of a flower. The engagement rings retail for about $4,000, not counting the center stone.inspiration jewelry design 4

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Gallery of Bridal Jewelry Designs by Danhov

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